Cartoon Voices

Apart from being told, “Hey, you’ve got a really great voice,” the major reason why many people get into voiceover is because they can do a bunch of funny voices or impressions.

Stephan grew up listening to and basically worshipping cartoon voices. People like Mel Blanc (naturally), Frank Welker, June Foray, Daws Butler, and Casey Kasem, and he wondered as he watched on many a Saturday morning, cereal bowl in hand, what those people doing the animation voice over were like, and how they were able to do what they did.

It turns out that doing character voices is every bit as fun as it sounds. Stephan has had the privilege of working on several pilots (even one for the famed Klasky Csupo studios), he starred as the villain in the very first Lego Movie, “The Adventures of Clutch Powers,” he’s been in a ton of videogames (where he’s gotten to break out his rather impressive collection of accents and dialects), and, most exciting of all, he got to play Pat Sajak on Family Guy (while also getting to meet and talk shop with the late, great Don LaFontaine).

You can check out Stephan’s animation voiceover reel here: