“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephan on a variety of projects ranging from network show promotion to ad sales integrations and corporate videos. The variety of projects for which I’ve chosen him is indicative of his range and of what an enjoyable experience it is to work with him. Stephan is professional, personable, and responds well to direction. I always look forward to a session with him, because not only will he deliver exactly the read I’m looking for, but I also enjoy talking to him and how straightforward and easy he makes each and every VO session.”

—Jen Barrie, Producer, Travel Channel


“Stephan Cox possesses an impressive vocal range, moving deftly from comedy to drama and every genre in between. He is a consummate professional and brings his ‘A’ game to every recording session. His vocal talents heighten the quality of every project – he sets a high bar for himself and it is always reflected in his work.”

—Kristen Tunnero, MGM


“I can’t turn on the radio without hearing Stephan Cox’s voice. Nor would I want it any other way. Stephan is super talented and always goes above and beyond to deliver high-quality work. His voice variety is so vast—you want it, he can voice it. If I could hire him for every job, always, I would. I might, soooo, use him before you lose him!”

—Summer Wilcoxon, Producer, Esquire Network


“Stephan Cox is a man of few words. And every one of them is a work of art. He’s the kind of pro in the booth that I love working with. As a writer and VO director I can easily say that he takes direction well, but the truth is, he rarely needs it. It’s like he was inside my head when I wrote the script.”

—Michael Everard, Creative Director/Previously of DIRECTV’s National Radio Campaign


“I always look forward to sessions with Stephan, as he is a true pleasure to record. He provides a wide range of voices with consistent delivery, and his timing is so good it could be used to calibrate a fine Swiss watch.”

—Bryant Arnett, Producer, MGM


“I have had the opportunity to use Stephan’s voice on projects for many different networks, and he’s never disappointed. He’s top notch, always able to make time for me, and once he’s in the booth I always get exactly what I need. Great range and great consistency. I’m psyched to have him on any project I can get him on.”

—Amelia Meager, Producer, Discovery ID


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephan for the past ten years, as he excels in voicing studio and live events. He is unfazed by the hectic environment of live events. I’ve often shared last minute changes with him just moments before going live, and he hasn’t missed a beat. His talent as a VO artist is exceeded only by his kindness as a person. He’s a true asset to any team.”

—Joshua Ward, Vice-President, Altered Image, Producer of Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future


“I am grateful to have worked with Stephan on many projects over the years. His consistency, professionalism, skill, and solid patience continue to support the quality of every video for which he is undoubtedly a fundamental player. He has a passion for character and story that is critical and yet somehow a rarity in this business.”

—Christopher Johnson, Producer, Corbindale Image and Sound