Commercial Voice Over

When most people think of voiceover, if they’re not thinking of movie trailers and the late Don LaFontaine, they tend to think of commercials. There’s a good reason for this—voice over for commercials is the most common form. So much so that for some VO people, that’s all they do.

While there’s no singular ad voice these days, much of what you hear, especially on TV, is a very conversational approach, almost as if the person speaking is talking off the top of his or her head. And there’s very little selling. Gone are the days of the golden-voiced announcer. Instead, it’s often as if the person speaking is telling you about something cool or interesting that maybe he or she happened to hear about and would like to let you in on.

Stephan Cox has been commercial spots for over 15 years, and has an extraordinarily dynamic and impressive range. His approach can be youthful and conversational, but can also be passionate, intense, sincere, skeptical, or deadpan funny. He’s voiced thousands of ads for radio and television, for dozens of some of the biggest names there are: Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Old Navy, DIRECTV, Boeing, Burger King, and countless others. Once you hear him, you’ll recognize the voice immediately… and you’ll hear it a lot.

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