Event Announcer

Of all the many forms of voiceover (and there are actually way more than you’d think), undoubtedly one of the most exciting is event announcing.

Also known as live announcing, or, more strikingly, as the Voice of God (how’s that for a job title?), this kind of work is done by voiceover actors in a specific number of venues: sports stadiums and arenas, at conferences, and even on live television for game shows, late night TV, and award shows.

With the exception of a few who appear on screen (notably on late night shows), live announcers are almost never seen. Sometimes, in the case of award shows like the Emmys, the Grammys, or the Oscars, they may not even be in the same building. Often they’ll be in the satellite truck, off site, in a vocal booth, taking cues from a directors through a pair of headphones.

Live voiceover is exciting for the same reason it’s a bit nerve-wracking. Because it’s live, there are no do-overs, so any slip of the tongue that may happen will be heard by hundreds, thousands, or, in the case of the Oscars, close to a billion people. It’s something of a high-wire act.

Stephan Cox has done live announcing since the very beginning of his voiceover career, primarily for Johnson & Johnson, at events all over the country. Hear samples of his work here: