Narrator Voice

It takes a special talent to do voice over narration. The best narrators are natural storytellers, with voices that can engage and guide the listener through the dynamics of the piece being presented, whether it’s to convey excitement, intensity, drama, or any range of emotion the creator would like to express.

A voice actor working in online or video will often be called upon to provide corporate narration, whereas you’ll usually find documentary work in film. But one of the most common places you’re hear these voices is on TV, on shows about nature, true crime, real life adventure, and even any number of regional housewives and their antics.

Stephan Cox has offered his services in each of these fields, providing his talent for shows on A&E, TLC, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and many others. He’s also worked for countless corporate online videos for clients including Marvel, Nike, AT&T, Boeing, MGM, NBC Universal, and various software companies, as well doing e-learning for Scholastic.

If you’re looking for a talent to provide just the right tone for your piece, no matter the format, Stephan is one of the most skilled VO actors in the business. He can provide professional voice recording from his full-service home studio, which uses top-of-the-line equipment and can connect with you wherever you are, via Source Connect, ISDN, or phone patch. You can contact Stephan via email or through one of his agents.

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