Political Commercials

As people who live in swing states know all too well, every year, usually around September and October, you’ll start hearing a number of ads for political candidates and issues. You’ll hear them on the radio, you’ll see them (and hear them) on TV, you’ll even hear them before a clip you’ve clicked plays on YouTube.

And pretty much all of them feature voiceover, of a very particular kind. The voice you’ll hear will be measured but concerned, skeptical, mocking, enthusiastic, or whatever it takes to express the feel and tone of whatever the candidate or supporters or opponents of a particular ballot measure would like to get across.
Check out Stephan’s political voice over reel here:

Stephan Cox is one of those political voices, and he’s actually really good at it. So good that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddown said on air that an ad he did the voiceover for was her favorite political ad of the year. Check it out here:

Stephan has that distinctive sound that is at once familiar and instantly recognizable, yet remains potent and on-message, and cuts through the clutter of other political ads, a combination many in the political advertising world say is the “sweet spot” for their advertising aims.

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