TV Announcer

Say, fella! Have you heard the latest hubbub about the jazz that’s all the rage with the teeny boppers?

Many of the greatest announcers who ever lived (Ernie Anderson, Don Pardo, Casey Kasem, and the great Gary Owens) may have passed on, but there are those who carry on the proud tradition. Those who have assumed the stance before the vintage RCA microphone proudly, with one hand covering one ear.

People like Stephan Cox.

A lot of people believe that the announcer voice has gone out of style. Pish-posh and falderal to them. Many are still alive and kicking and doing their golden-throated thing, fashion be damned.

Whether working as a narrator on TV, radio, or film, these voice actors can still bring that vintage sound. A sound that evokes a simpler time, one that people long for now more than ever. A good announcer is like a time machine. Listen. Listen and be transported!

Oh, and check out Stephan Cox’s announcer reel here: