Happy New Year! And some ha-ha for you…

Hey, all!

First and foremost, Happy New Year! Hope this finds each of you happy and healthy, and that you’ve all had a joyful holiday season.

So, look. I redesigned my page with the intention of blogging regularly. And then I realized recently (it was pointed out to me by my wonderful wife Lori, actually) that I have yet to post up a blog here.

New year, new resolutions. This crusty voice over talent is hereby resolving to blog here regularly, at least once every couple of weeks. Not that I’ll always have something earth-shattering to say, but we voice over actors are chatty types. We always manage to find stuff to say, sometimes even without a script and a microphone in front of us. In any event, it’ll be a nice way to stay connected with you.

Since it’s New Year’s and no one’s thinking about work much, I thought I’d begin by sharing a bit of funny voiceover¬†Lori and I made recently. She wrote it, based on an automated customer service system she’d just done battle with, and then I voiced it and produced it.



Here’s to a great 2017! Don’t be such a stranger…