Author: steph1

Promo Voice Over on Pandora

Do you listen to Pandora? And are you like me in that you hate paying for free online services, even if it means you have to listen to a lot ads? Well, if that’s the case, than you’ve probably heard me in your ears or on your car speakers or at your gym or wherever […]

Voice Over Artist – TV Announcer Reel

You fellow voice over actors know this moment: You pick up a piece of VO copy, look it over, mouth the words to yourself, and then you scan the specs. What are the two words you see more often than any others? Say it with me now… “No announcers.” And, look, I get it. The age […]

Promo Voiceover – Travel Channel Menu Promos

Given the political climate right now, pretty much everyone I know (myself included) would love to be traveling. So I’m moved to share a sample from a few years back when I was doing the daily promo menus for good old Travel Channel. I’ve been watching a fair bit of them these days, for the […]

Political Commercials – Biggest Political Blunders

With politics all anyone can talk about right now (and understandably so), I’m moved to share a satirical piece I did in 2011 talking about the biggest political blunders of the year. Today’s standards, they all seem so… quaint. Who knew we’d someday be looking back at 2011 with nostalgia, longing for a simpler time?

Video Game Voice Actors – Sudden Acquired Accent Syndrome

So I’m one of those guys who, when he hears an accent, he can’t help but imitate it, usually immediately. For this reason, Lori usually leaves the room when I listen to the BBC World Service. I’m helpless to the cavalcade of accents: the twang of East London, the musical clip of broadcast-standard British, the […]