Super Bowl Ad Flashback!

Hello, fine people! As the playoffs begin (Go Giants!) and the Super Bowl approaches, I’m moved to share this VH1 tv commercial I did the voiceover for when the Super Bowl came to NYC.

I was living there at the time, and it was funny to see so many Seahawk and Bronco fans wandering the streets, trash talking each other.

In this ad, I play the subway announcer. If you’ve ever ridden the subway in NYC, the announcer has a really distinctive voice. I guess I got closest to matching it, because I wound up getting the gig. Anyway, enjoy!



(About me: I’m a voice over artist who’s voiced thousands of TV and radio commercialspromos, and political ads. I’m also a narrator for National Geographic, TLC, and A&E, and I do live event announcing. (You can also check out some of these funny voice overs, if you’re so inclined.)