Author: steph1

I Was Pat Sajak on Family Guy

I don’t sound that much like Pat Sajak. You can take that for what it’s worth, I suppose. I have a very particular sound, and so does he, but I guess I got close enough, because I landed the role to play him for an opening scene on Family Guy.  The episode was “I Take […]

Promo Voiceover Is a Peculiar and Wonderful Beast

People choose to become voice over artists for any number of reasons. The two most common are, a) they’re constantly told that they have a great voice, or b) they’re told, Wow, you can do a lot of impressions! I actually got in for a different reason. I had been told that I had a […]

Voice of Ford for Seattle!

Friends! I have some news to share. As many of you know, I’m proud and grateful to have been the voice talent for Ford for Southern California for over a decade. I’m now extraordinarily proud to announce that I’m now also the voice of Ford for Seattle as well! I really can’t take any credit […]

Super Bowl Ad Flashback!

Hello, fine people! As the playoffs begin (Go Giants!) and the Super Bowl approaches, I’m moved to share this VH1 tv commercial I did the voiceover for when the Super Bowl came to NYC. I was living there at the time, and it was funny to see so many Seahawk and Bronco fans wandering the […]

Happy New Year! And some ha-ha for you…

Hey, all! First and foremost, Happy New Year! Hope this finds each of you happy and healthy, and that you’ve all had a joyful holiday season. So, look. I redesigned my page with the intention of blogging regularly. And then I realized recently (it was pointed out to me by my wonderful wife Lori, actually) […]