Narrator Voice – Telling a Story. You Know. With Words.

As a voice over artist, I’ve been very fortunate to do a number of narration gigs over the years. My very first was for TLC, and it was called “Living with Bugs.” It was all about the trillions and trillions of bugs that exist on the planet, and also the ones that live on and even inside us.

It event featured—and you can skip over this part if you’re eating breakfast—footage of maggots being used to eat away at a gangrenous foot. Fun!

Directly after that (and this was right after 9/11, when we were actually living in NYC), I narrated a show for what was then the brand-new National Geographic network about how West Point grads were getting ready to serve in the global fight against terrorism.

During the years since, I’ve done show about giant construction projects, about miners, drug addicts, about pretty much every movie star MGM have ever produced, even a very young Beyonce. And I’ve loved it all.

Narration is addicting. You get in the booth, you’re watching the picture, and you’re telling the story. It’s like being put in the driver’s seat of a performance automobile. Save for the fact that there are people in the passenger and back seats telling you if you, say, take a curve too fast. Is that a weird metaphor? Probably.

Anyway, I now share with you my narration reel, featuring the highlights of my many years of storytelling. I’m actually pretty proud of it. Enjoy.